Four Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep

Here it goes…I’ve totally held this back for so long because I haven’t wanted to “jinx” myself by sharing tips on my babies sleeping all night.  There have been several times I have been around moms that just can’t get their kids to sleep.  I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging or like I’m trying to tell another person how to parent… But I have tasted that sweet success of slumber and it’s time to share.

Sleep is SO vital for babies and I don’t even need to mention how precious it is to us parents.  To be honest, this whole “sleeping training” thing is quite simple.  Consistency is key.  I don’t believe in the cry-it-out method or co-sleeping and I’ll explain why.…adults…all thrive on a schedule or a routine.  We are all different so our way of doing things is different.  I’m not a time-oriented person where everything has to be done at a specific time.  I believe in listening to your babies and using your best judgement.  We live by this:

Eat, play, sleep, repeat.

Then give your baby the right tools they need to succeed.  I don’t suggest trying or worrying about sleep training until babe is at least 12-weeks-old.  Your little one needs so much love, attention and snuggling at this stage.  It goes by WAY too fast and they need you and your hormones more than anything.  Both my girls slept in rock-n-plays next to our bed until they were three months old. Highly recommended (Click here to shop).

Here are the things I have found crucial in getting my baby to sleep through the night.

20170714-IMG_0071.jpg1. Nap Time 

It’s just as important as bedtime and I can’t emphasize this enough!!  When babies are so little, they can sleep anywhere so you can go anywhere.  Well, you can’t always count on that once they get a bit older.  If someone put you in a stroller somewhere where you saw new and exciting things, would you sleep?  Or would you want to bust loose and roam free like the rest of them???

Your baby needs to be in the comfort of their bed, where they know it’s time for rest. We definitely have days where nap time is a little later then hoped because we were out all day or with family but that’s OK!  As long as they still get designated time of rest in their bed during the day it will work.  Bedtime might be a little later but we all pick and choose our battles 😉

2. Reassurance 

This was the BEST advice I ever read.  Ok let’s pretend for a second…pretend that you are a baby and you fell asleep in the comfort of your mom’s arms.  Then, all of a sudden, you wake up alone in your crib and mom is long gone. Where is she? Why did she leave? I was just in her arms!!! I would lose it too! Or how about the worst, the cry-it-out method. Mom just left me here all alone in the dark!!!! WTF!!!!

Then us moms just give up and bring baby in bed with us.  Sure, it’s comfy for a minute and super special to have your baby sleep on your chest but you BOTH can’t do this every night.

So here’s my advice, start with nap time.  Put baby down at appropriate nap time (in the same place they sleep at night) and reassure her that you are coming back.  Leave the door open and walk away.  When babe cries and feels abandoned, go pick her up! Comfort her! Tell her it is okay and that it’s time for sleep but “Mama will be right here and will be back!”  You may have to do this a couple times for a couple days but it will stick!!!

Here’s the kicker…..even after they’ve calmed down and are settled, REWARD them! Yes, that means go back in there, when they are at ease and say “That is SUCH a good girl! See, Mama came back and is here.” When I first heard this I was like…that’s crazy I’m not going back in there, she finally stopped crying! But when you think about it, it makes sense! They need to be comforted and reassured that mama is here and sleep time is a good thing.


She definitely milks some extra reassurance from daddy 😉

3. Routine 

If I can make it work, so can you.  Scheduling isn’t really a thing that exist in our baseball lifestyle.  Sure it’s the same work you put in everyday, but it’s constant change.  I hate when people say,  “You’re babies need to be on a schedule.” Uhhhhh that’s impossible for us.  So, I try to keep things as consistent as possible. Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat.

Right when the babies wake up, it’s breakfast time.  Then we usually go to the gym where they play while mom get’s a workout in.  Then we come home and nap! Trust me we’ve done the whole nap in the car thing but it just doesn’t work for us. They need that decent rest in the comfort of their beds.  During play time, engage with them!! The more stimulation for baby with active parent engagement, the better! Play hard, sleep hard!

Today marks March 6th and the third home my girls and I have lived in since the new year.  And next week, we will go out to Arizona.  There are things that we can’t live without that have helped us adjust no matter where we go…

4. Nightly Routine 

Sound Machines

these have been THE MOST IMPORTANT things for us to give our babies that small bit of consistency and comfort when it comes to adjusting to a new home. Here are some awesome things that you can incorporate into your LO’s nightly routine.  We have loved the ones with projectors too! (Click Here) to shop this one below: 2768377_ALT3.jpeg


It’s a pain, it’s difficult but has been another thing I can keep consistent for my girls. Every night, no matter where we are, we take baths before bed.  I’m loyal to The Honest Company’s Dreamy Lavender face + body wash, lotion and bubble bath.  Seriously obsessed since lavender, of course, is clinically proved to reduce stress. 20170714-IMG_0014.jpgSoothers

This Baby Einstein aquarium is my favorite! We use it so much and both girls love it (shop here).  You can attach it to babe’s crib or just leave it next to them.  It plays music or soothing ocean sounds with lights on or off and the sea creatures move! It’s probably one of my top 5 baby “toys” ever.



We also love any plush toy that lights up and plays lullabies.


All babies are different but my best advice is to listen to your baby.  Piper needs a pacifier to sleep during the night. I make sure to leave two glow-in-the-dark pacifiers in her pack-n-play before she goes to bed. (Click here) for our favorite ones.

Footie Pajamas

When they are feeling under the weather or running a light fever, we live in Kicky Pants. The lightweight DELICIOUS fabric is made from bamboo and spandex. Keeps babes cool, covered and super cute; a bit pricer but worth it because they last! I would recommend sizing up! Makes for a fabulous baby gift, that’s how I first discovered them! Thanks PJ, love you ❤


Ain’t no shame in the pjs in public game!!

Ok gotta go now… I’m ugly crying, these pictures are from months ago and the girls are growing way. too. fast!!


Lotus + Grace