Filtered Reality

It’s time to get real.  We all feel the pressure to look a certain way.  Everything that’s thrown at us, on just about every platform, is edited or filtered.  Advertisements and media have set a standard stereotype for what is defined as “beautiful” and we all hold ourselves to that FALSE standard.

I gave a descriptive speech back in college, on the false perception of beauty that the media has created for women.  I showed a video (click here) from a 2006 Real Beauty campaign by Dove which revealed the hefty makeup and computer editing process of one model from start to billboard.  I remember being shocked… In disbelief that companies could deceive us with so much retouching.

But now, over 12 years later….I feel like it’s so much worse.  In today’s world, our own reality is editing and filtering ourselves with apps like FaceTune, IG and Snapchat so much so that we forget what we actually look like.  We see the unedited versions of ourselves and feel disappointed.

Anyone else feel like they’re not enough without a little filter? Flower crowns. Kitty ears. Bigger lips. Brighter eyes. Slimmer. Smoother.  Snapchat Dysmorphia is an actual thing.  People take Snapchat filtered pictures of themselves and bring them to plastic surgeons in hopes to look like their filtered self.  WHAT?!

Trust me, I’m totally guilty of not posting a picture with my girls if it’s unflattering of myself.  But I’m over scrolling through Instagram and seeing fake bodies and faces.  I’m done spending my precious time looking at these facades and feeling self conscious of my cellulite, scars, wrinkles; my imperfections deemed unseemly by social media. IMG_4708

I love fashion and I do feel the pressure to fit the “blogger look” and only post beautifully filtered pictures.  I’ve even made excuses for not writing because of it.  A lot of times I think, “Well, if I want to blog about that I need the perfect picture of x,y and z and I don’t have the time or resources to capture it” and it never gets done!

Well like I said, I’m over it.  I did go on a little social media break.  We all have those moments where we realize time is far too precious.  And it’s true.  I want to soak in every minute I can squishing my babies chunky legs, listening to the sweet sounds of pure joy through laughter, holding them extra tight when they’re hurt and enjoying every bit of this whole motherhood process.IMG_3621.jpeg

I know, I make it look easy and I don’t share everything… But, I have found, with lots of trial and error, babies can be easy….sometimes!!! We obviously pick and choose what we share virtually; I am guilty of not sharing my struggles, but I’m also guilty not sharing my successes like:

“Ways to Help Baby Sleep All Night” or “How to Get a Toddler to Eat Healthy”

because I’m afraid I’m going to jinx myself! Hahaha.  Like the second I tell everyone how my girls go down all night every night, something is going to happen and there goes my sweet, sweet slumber. IMG_3643.jpg

Mom jobs get difficult and draining.  We have had double ear infections, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, ovarian cysts (SO painful) and the nastiest stomach virus that ran its brutal course on six of my family members all in this lovely year of 2018.  It’s been a helllluva two months.  Good health is truly priceless and not to be taken for granted.

Anyways.  We’ve all been there, right?  Our jobs with endless tasks hinder us to focus on ourselves and our passions.  I have absolutely loved motherhood and it is a part of who I am but that’s not all I am.IMG_3611.JPG

I love to write. I love to exercise. I love nature. I love a good bargain. I love to nourish our bodies with healthy foods. I love baseball. I love to help others. I love realness. All these things bring me happiness and I’m happy to share them within this virtual community.

I don’t want to keep looking back and making excuses for not expressing my creativity.  Our lives will never not be busy and I’m done putting things on hold because I couldn’t get the “perfect picture”… I’ve realized our lives are everything but that. We’re actually a hot mess of a circus show, living out of suitcases and moving every three months. But we are full of LIFE.IMG_3745.jpg

Here’s to realness. Here’s to loving and sharing the unedited versions of ourselves and following our passions.


Lotus + Grace