Tips on Family Holiday Photos


It’s my favorite time of the year! Not Fall, it’s what we call off-season in the baseball world.  I can’t emphasize enough how much this time means.  During baseball season, we get about 4 hours a day together by the time we wake up to the time we come home from the games (during home series).  Add in feeding two babies, changing diapers, nap time, play time, bath and bed time…’s A LOT.  We’ve been going non-stop since last January when Michael moved out to AZ to start training.  He left when Penelope was just nine months old and I was seven months pregnant….just think about that for a sec- insane!!!  We finally moved together when P was 14 months old and Piper was 3 months.  To be honest, I don’t know how we survived it all, but we did.

Over the past month,  I decided to take a break from blogging to fully soak in the time as a family we deeply missed…and those baby snuggles.

Lotus + Grace is back and in full swing for the Fall.  I’m so excited to share with y’all my favorite looks and outfits for all weather types during this time of the year!  Before we left Ohio, I had to take full advantage of the beginning of the leaves changing (something we don’t get in FL).  It’s time to take those beautiful holiday family pictures and trust me, it’s definitely worth every penny.

Here are some tips for Holiday Family Photos:

  1. Don’t Be Too Matchy-Matchy – As in don’t all wear the same thing.  You can look cohesive without completely matching.  Love same sex siblings in matching outfits…but I think it’s a little tacky when it’s the whole gang.  Be yourselves!  Keep it simple, then match with your accessories.  We wore similar color shoes then stayed with earthy tones. Proof 003 optimized.jpgProof 100 optimized.jpgProof 102 optimized.jpg
  2. Keep It Simple – Light colors are the BEST.  Especially on babies.  I know it seems vanilla but I promise you won’t regret it.  I picked this maxi dress based on the nature setting.  Everyone else wore cream so I thought the print would photograph nicely…and it did! Proof 018 optimized.jpgProof 019 optimized.jpgProof 048 optimized.jpgProof 081 optimized.jpgProof 084 optimized.jpgSee what I mean about babies in light colors?!?!? Framers.  Forever.
  3. Plan Around Nap Time – Or if you don’t have babies, plan it during a time when your kids are going to be happy.  Not when they are tired or hungry.  Poor little Pipes was so tired during this shoot, she could barely crack a smile. The mean mug was real.  But the cutest little mean mug I ever did see!Proof 078 optimized.jpgProof 089 optimized.jpgThere it is! The only smile we got 🙂
  4. Be Natural – I’ll tell you what, I’m an absolute crazy person during photoshoots.     I will run, scream, dance, tickle and kiss…all to get my babies to smile!  But that’s me, everyday!  And no one (with kids at least) can go out there, pose and get “the shot” first try.  I swear I left this shooting thinking we might have got a few good shots but wow.  It seems like every single shot turned out phenomenal.  I’ve styled tons of photoshoots with kids and we captured the best shots when we let the kids be kids!  As my old boss use to say, “Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty!” It will be worth it. Proof 093 optimized.jpgProof 043 optimized.jpgProof 074 optimized.jpgProof 071 optimized.jpgProof 054 optimized.jpgProof 031 optimized.jpgIf you’re in the Northern Ohio or Michigan area, look into using our photographer Allison Farrand.

Say cheeseee!!


Lotus + Grace