Hotel Living with Babies

I have to admit, the past two weeks have been incredibly stressful.  Traveling with two babies to two cities and worrying about a monster hurricane that had the potential of devastating our hometown…. let’s just say I’ve been taking a few of my own tips from my last post.  Blessed to say everyone is safe and we were spared tremendously!

We made it to Detroit and Chicago, traveling a total of seven days.  We knew we were going to have some off the field quality time.  My good friend Chelsea has watched the girls anytime we’re in Chicago and we always take her up on it!  An off day and two potential date nights?  Ummm you bet your sweet buns I’m driving wherever and grinding it out to make it happen. It’s rare, very rare and WE deserve it.

IMG_2035.jpgIMG_2039.jpgThanks, Chels!! How cute is her patio?! Even has a view of the lake! IMG_2083.jpgIMG_2176.jpgPenelope had a great time and gave lots of kisses!!

How is it possible to travel with two babies?  Well, they sleep through the night, love car rides and being on the go.  To any new mom out there hesitant to travel, don’t be.  Yes, it’s hard but be prepared and just do it! More times than not, you won’t regret it.

Here is a list of my musts while traveling with babies:

Gallon Ziploc Bags IMG_2341.jpgIn one gallon sized bag, I put both girls matching outfits and pjs for the day.  Once they dirtied them, I put them back into the bag.  I knew exactly what was clean/dirty and had everything separated so it made unpacking and laundry easier.  I also pack the soaps, shampoos, bottles and snacks in gallon Ziploc’s.

Pacifier ClipsIMG_2335.jpgNow that Piper is drooling like crazy, I keep one of these super soft Aden + Anais bibs on her at all times.  These MAM pacifier clips are so crucial for any baby on the go.  Both my girls prefer(ed) MAM paci’s compared to other brands.

Bottle Brush and Dish Soap IMG_2322.jpgThis is a total must.  Washing bottles in a hotel room is exhausting and wouldn’t be possible without those two things.  Luckily most hotels have SUPER hot sink water so that helps.  Add Bubble bath and shampoo + body wash and stick them in a……you guessed it, Ziploc bag!

Trash Bags IMG_2337.jpg
Hotel rooms usually don’t have any and I like to bring my own scented ones.  Homegirl (Big P) can really clear out a room with her poops and that doesn’t sit well in a stuffy hotel room. Literally.  This essential makes a huge difference.

Healthy Snacks and Water IMG_2330.jpg

I always pack peanut butter for myself and Penelope.  She can have it on a banana (which can usually be found anywhere) and I can have it on a cinnamon rice cake.  It’s so easy to eat unhealthy while traveling so it’s good to pack quick healthy snacks.  We always bring a case of spring water and a pack of La Croix, naturally flavored sparkling water.  Both Michael and I drink one first thing every morning. They are the best.

This sound machine travels everywhere with us.  It provides familiar soothing sounds, a fun projection on the wall and gives baby security to sleep anywhere just like home. LIFE SAVER.

Basically….Stay organized. Stay clean. Stay healthy and hydrate!!!


Lotus + Grace