5 Ways to Pamper Yourself

Babies fed, check.  Bathed, check.  FaceTime with daddy, check.  Nighttime stories & snuggles, check.  The sweet sounds of silence except for lullabies from Penelope’s sound machine & Piper’s soothing aquarium is music to this momma’s ears.  It’s finally “me” time.  We all deserve a little bit of TLC and pampering.  When I was little, my mom and I would call our pamper time “the treatment” which would include a bath, lotion, a foot massage and a pedicure.  It was the perfect cure to any worries or struggles.

Fifteen years later and I still value that time tremendously.  It’s our way to recharge our batteries, relax and keep our sanity.  It’s definitely not easy when our guy leaves for a ten day road trip.  So, I did a few things to treat myself and help pass the time.

Do you know a new mom?  Want to give her a gift she will actually use?

Here are my must-haves to self-pampering:

IMG_1630.jpg1. Bubble BathIMG_1635.jpg

Babies or no babies, you need this bubble bath! I LOVE anything dreamy lavender by The Honest Company.  I swear by this bubble bath, the face & body calming lotion, shampoo, body wash and the hand sanitizing spray.  The price is a bit steep BUT it is totally worth it!  My girls get baths and lotion every night before bed.  I am a firm believer in lavender, it’s clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and helps us SLEEP.  Amen!

2. Bath Bombs IMG_1641.jpgIMG_1647.jpgI remember thinking it was kind of ridiculous to spend $8 on a one-time use product so I never bought any…..until I received the BEST postpartum gift ever after Penelope was born; Art Naturals bath bomb gift set .  I dug up these pictures.IMG_0760.jpgIMG_0766.jpgLavender candle & my “mommy juice”  😉 IMG_1636.jpg3. Gel Bead Sleep Mask 

Now this is an $8 purchase you will use again and again.  I’m telling you, this is a life-saver for any sleep deprived mom.  Here’s the link .  I keep it in the freezer and use it whenever my puffy little eyes need it.  If you’ve had too much mommy juice, this will also cure that hangover headache!

4. A Good Book  IMG_1698-2.jpgI know you’re probably thinking there’s no way she has time to read.  Well you’re right, I definitely don’t have time to finish a book cover to cover or join a book club.  I do, however, love to wind down and get into a good book before bed.  Especially when I’m alone.  It’s a fun way to pass time and laugh at characters that you can relate to.

5. A manicure/pedicure IMG_1727.jpg

Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference.  A little sparkle makes everything better.  Like when your toddler crocodile rolls during a diaper change and poop smears all over you……at least your nails look fab!!!

Can’t go out and get them done?  This is my favorite glittery nail polish by Sally Hanson.  And its quick-dry because ain’t nobody got time for that!



Lotus + Grace