San Fran Getaway

Our first mini vacation away from the girls took place in  beautiful San Francisco, CA.  The only time I’ve been away overnight was when Piper was born so this was quite the plunge! It truly was refreshing and invigorating. Michael had to be at the ballpark every afternoon so we tried to cover as much ground as possible.

We started out with a ride to Fisherman’s Wharf. Get these Florida kids to the seafood ASAP!! IMG_0393-2.jpgIMG_0392-2.jpgIMG_0344-3.jpgAH! There she was in all of her glory, The Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was a chilly 55 degrees so I was pretty shocked when I saw that person swimming…..naked! Welcome to San Francisco! IMG_0405-2.jpgIMG_0395-2.jpgIMG_0375-3.jpgSunday’s day game called for a date night! I’ve never touched the Pacific Ocean or seen a west coast sunset so the beach was a no-brainer.  I did some wine tasting the night before to find us a delicious bottle of a Napa cab. We decided to skip the dinner crowds and headed to Baker’s Beach. IMG_0510-2.jpgIMG_0516-2.jpgIMG_0517-4.jpgIMG_0526-2.jpgIMG_0539-2.jpgExperiencing it with this gorgeous guy was everything. He was carrying that bottle of wine in his backpack. Shhhh. IMG_0545-2.jpgIMG_0546-2.jpgGolden hour at the Golden Gate. IMG_0556-2.jpgWe climbed up to the sand dunes, popped the bottle of wine and watched the sunset. As you can see, the ocean views and horizon hues were breathtaking.  By far, one of my favorite dates with my love.

The next day I decided to head to the ballpark early.  My favorite thing in the whole world are pics together with him in his uniform. It’s rare that I get to see him up close in those baseball pants.  It’s like seeing a unicorn.

Will Call didn’t have the player’s ticket list at the time but after showing proper identification, they offered me a pass to watch bating practice on the field.  I’ve never had that opportunity or thought to ask for a pass because Michael doesn’t hit.  He does have to help shag balls in the outfield so I figured why not go watch.IMG_0630-2.jpgBoy was I in for a treat…. When American League teams play National League teams at their home field, pitchers have to hit.  Since he was pitching the next day, he had to take BP and I was right there to watch!  Double unicorn!! It was hilarious and he actually hit one out into the left field stands. A homer…triple unicorn!!! IMG_0648-2.jpg20157645_10212698343908882_8621309238785719535_o.jpgI was like a kid in a candy shop. So happy!!

Outfit details: Jean jacket by Zara, top is Urban Outfitters, Jeans and necklace by Free People. These booties were only $25 in-store at Nordstrom Rack! IMG_0707-2.jpgThis is the view from behind center field. Incredible.IMG_0672-2.jpgCraft beers and crab sandwiches.  Definitely a ballpark experience for the books. IMG_0751-2.jpgShop my favorite jacket here.


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