Our Journey

It’s been a long time coming…I’ve wanted a place to share the things I find tasteful in fashion and food, where I can express myself and compose all the adventures of this baseball life.

I haven’t exactly had the adequate amount of time to dedicate to this blog. My daily life comprises of perpetual poopy diapers, bottle scrubbing, baby soothing and play-by-play updates while struggling with time to eat, bathe and not only maintain but be present in my relationship.IMG_7748.jpgTogether, Michael and I have experienced the raw, the rare and the beautiful moments of an MLB debut, birthing/raising children and a World Series in record-breaking time. Together, we have both made personal sacrifices.  For me…my career, my body, my privacy (you can’t pee with the door closed around here) and my relationship. With all that we have endured, we have promised ourselves that our love comes first. We remain selfish in the sense that we are going to achieve our goals and accomplish our romantic dreams together on our own agenda.IMG_7735.jpgPutting people before yourself comes easy when there is genuineness behind it. Like the saying goes, with great sacrifices come great reward. Yes, we have to spend a ton of time apart. No, we don’t have a tangible place to call home. No, we haven’t had the time for an engagement or a wedding. The obvious priorities flood our daily lives but we’ve been blessed to gain the rewards; discovering selfless love and authenticity.IMG_7750.jpgHaving babies back-to-back is surely difficult but has driven me to be more present than ever. The most attractive thing we possess is passion. My passion is to be present day-by-¸day, moment-to-moment with my beautiful family in any circumstance. Whether it’s a rainy day spent inside a tiny apartment or a 14 hour cross-country road trip. I’ve learned to respect and appreciate every moment given to us. I’ve never complained or looked at my girls as burdens.  They are the absolute lights of my life and have introduced us the greatest opportunity of selfless love.IMG_7774.jpgIMG_7779.jpgThrough the course of life, parenthood and careers, It’s easy to lose your sense of self. What makes you, you? How do you define yourself and your happiness? I believe that we are the only ones that can answer that. Authenticity is derived from integrity within, not a title or status, not a cultural norm, not money or material things; it’s the direct alignment with our own nature, passion and creativity. I am committed to being the best version of myself.IMG_7807.jpgAlong with baseball and my three babes, I’ve promised to devote time to myself and this platform to gain personal fulfillment while doing what I love and what I’m passionate about. Now that I got that out of the way, stick around if you love cute babies, need some style or health tips and want to follow our journey.


Lotus + Grace

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Girls are wearing Baby Melia Dress by Peek. (Currently on sale!)

My dress is O’Neill & necklace is Free People